Ton-ton in SFName: Ton-ton
Place: Manila, Philippines
Interests: Technology, Food, Video Games, Animation, Books, Digital Photography, Movies, TV, Music

About Me

All around nice guy. Computer & gadget geek. Food lover. Movie buff. Watches too much TV. Self-professed nerd. Will play video games and watch cartoons till the day I die. God-fearing. Gentle giant. Teddy Bear. Ladies love me… as a big brother. Rock on!

About Yuloland

This is obviously not a real estate website. The name “Yuloland” was coined back in high school & college as a nickname for my house because all my friends always hung out there. My house was famous (among my friends) for all of the recreational distractions it provided. Videos (on laserdics no less!), video games, computer games, books, magazines… A fun time could always be expected in Yuloland! It became a second home to a lot of people, so much so that people would pop up suddenly, even if my brothers and I were still asleep, to have fun in Yuloland!

I hope to keep that spirit of fun alive with this website. This will always be a work in progress. I’ll post a bunch of pictures, tips about anything, weird, wacky and exciting stuff I find on the Internet, and whatever captures my fancy at the moment. Welcome and enjoy!